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Corporate Hypnosis for Business

I offer companies a wide range of workshops based on simple and powerful techniques to internalize the objectives and improve the company's performance.


Whether it is stress management, emotional management, conflict management, creativity research or professional positioning according to one's values, the objectives are diverse and already show convincing results in the employer-employee relationship.

Corporate Hypnosis Workshops

The Corporate Hypnosis workshops are dedicated to the use of direct and indirect hypnotic techniques for professional optimization in a group format.

Scientific studies and practical experience have shown that hypnotic suggestions modify the subject's expectations and have an impact on their perception. 

For a professional faced with any task, hypnosis allows him or her to focus on the essential, and to put aside the superfluous and obstacles. The combination of concentration, imagination and the visualization of the final success inevitably leads to the achievement of one's objectives.

Self-hypnosis workshops

The goal of these introductory workshops is to practice hypnotic and self-hypnosis techniques to familiarize participants with new tools for emotional management and communication.


In the end, participants will acquire a greater internal mastery, and an ease in managing recurrent problems in business: stress management, conflict management, emotional management, public speaking, self-confidence, creativity, innovation. 

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