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Founder, Trainer and Practitioner

Hypnologue & Assistant Trainer

Strategy Consultant, Global Health

Engineer in Particle Physics 

Master in Advanced International Studies


ARCHE Hypnose 

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Université de Tsinghua, Chine

Académie Diplomatique de Vienne

Université de Stanford, USA

My story

I've long been interested in the brain (consciousness, learning, performance), and I've come across obvious methods mainly through my martial arts practice. Fascinated by what the human being is capable of, I began practicing hypnosis as a self-taught practitioner, mainly to discover and help others discover what the imagination is capable of.


I was initially interested in the infinitely large and the infinitely small, the universe and particles. After specializing in particle physics - more specifically neutrinos - at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Tsinghua University (China's top university), I became interested in the macro scale, which was in line with my desire to describe the forms of governance and development of societies. I therefore obtained a Master's degree in Advanced International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in Austria, and at the prestigious Stanford University in the USA, with a particular interest in democratic transitions, social systems and theories of periphery and dependence.

I then worked as a strategy consultant, notably for the prestigious Boston Consulting Group, where I focused mainly on global healthcare and the public sector in the broadest sense, regularly working with the heads of international and state organizations. This experience enriched my knowledge of the "meso" scale, the junction between the human, private and public sectors on a large scale. 

I also promoted mental health as a resource person - ENSA First Aider in Mental Health - setting up round tables, discussions and daily efforts to improve mental health in the consulting world.


Finally, I decided to take a deeper interest in the micro, i.e. the human being in all his complexity and inner mechanisms, notably through hypnosis, altered states of consciousness, meditation and mental health.

As I explored hypnosis, the need for therapeutic training naturally arose. I followed the Hypnologue course at A.R.C.H.E, specializing in hypnosis, sport and performance with Jonathan Bel Le Groux.
I'm also constantly learning about other approaches to support, such as Solution-Oriented Therapy with Bill O'Hanlon or SWAN with Dr. Philippe Miras.

My vision of hypnosis and therapy

Hypnosis, beyond the subjective account of my own experience, stands out for me as a holistic solution, which responds particularly well to the critical injunctions of our times. As hypnosis is not so much a "singular state" in itself, but rather a vehicle for exploring different states of consciousness, it facilitates exploration, training and, consequently, change.


My main observation, based on my experience at the Boston Consulting Group, is that the professional, academic and social worlds are moving very slowly on the themes of wellness and mental health.

As a result, other subjects that are more "essential" in my eyes, such as emotional management, conscious presence and listening, or systems thinking, are still neglected, even though they can be particularly useful in personal, professional, social, academic, educational or artistic settings.


My vision is to enable people to acquire tools for mental well-being and to become self-reliant, particularly in environments where stress, workload or external stimuli are high.

Although mental health and well-being are still connotated and "taboo" in some cases, I also bring (depending on the context) a playful aspect to create permission to "feel" and "play", and demystify and liberate expression. 


Hypnosis generates a so-called trance state which, although not sufficient on its own, propels the ability to initiate the profound or dramatic changes of which human beings are capable. These states of trance, or modified states of consciousness (MSC), have been explored by many civilizations and continue to be effective therapeutic means, increasingly in demand.


As a physicist and martial arts practitioner, I see hypnosis (or any other related form of altered state of consciousness) as an exceptional tool for connecting mind to body (mind to guts), repositioning the human being in his or her own identity but also in relation to others, as well as a formidable means of learning.


Finally, "hypnoses" - for there are many of them - are as rich as there are humans and emotions. That's why I believe that every individual session, every workshop, every retreat is unique.


In founding Hypnology©, I aim to contribute to the practice and democratization of the use of hypnosis in the private, public and professional spheres, based on a sound scientific method. 

The more holistic aspect (NLP, brief therapies, CBT, mindfulness, positive intelligence) is also an integral part of the methods and alternatives I propose in my approach.


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