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For any athlete, the mental aspects have become essential as soon as there is a search for improvement or performance.

Hypnosis, by the richness of its tools and its internal scope, naturally asserts itself as a key resource for both high-level athletes and amateurs.


If you are an athlete looking for coaching, contact me.

Hypnosis and Sports | Goals

We often hear about "mental fractures", the loss of confidence, internal discourse, a forgotten forehand, a lost shooting form...

Because of their constant body introspection, athletes are typical examples of the impact of the mind on physiology, mechanics and performance. 

Whether it is for competitive or amateur athletes, hypnosis is now applied in mental preparation, emotion management, repetition routines, concentration, recovery, and many other objectives.

Put at the service of athletes and their entourage, the use of hypnosis can be crucial to reach excellence, overcome obstacles, optimize thoughts, and improve recovery and well-being. 


- Novak Djokovic, after his victory in the final of Roland Garros 2021, after being trailing 2 sets to 0

When I came back; I was no longer the same.

I silenced the voice that told me that it was all over...

"Down two sets to none to Stefanos Tsitsipas in Sunday's final, Novak Djokovic once again slipped away to the locker room. Once back on the court, he was never the same again and dominated the proceedings.

The result of a little conversation with himself, and his two contradictory voices. One obscure, the other luminous. This is the fight he had to lead to triumph." - Laurent Vergne, Eurosport

What Novak Djokovic openly shares is what many people go through on a daily basis. For some, the contradiction between these "inner voices" can be more or less simple.

In the case of a top athlete, it is critical to find a quick solution, like Novak, in the middle of a Grand Slam final. This can be in the middle of a triathlon, just before his next block, before entering the tatami, or just before putting his hands on his bar before a lift.

Mur d'escalade pour enfants

Hypnosis and Sports | Tools

Below, a non-exhaustive list of thhe different tools that hypnosis can bring to provide holistic support to athletes

Promote the athletes' self-construction and their goals.

Perform a diagnosis of mental performance and modeling of resources

Explore mental strategies and improve speed of execution

Reassess athletes' beliefs (reduce limitating beliefs and promote supportive ones)

Identify and reduce internal dialogue to improve action-taking

Apply advanced hypnotic phenomena dedicated to sports*

Develop a holistic and systemic vision of the athlete's life and career

*deep anchors, state of flow, "zone"


My method of supporting athletes is based on two main pillars:

  • A background in Competitive Sport (Karate Kumite) and daily multi-sport practice

  • Specialized education at ARCHE in Hypnosis, Sport and Performance with Jonathan Bel Le Groux

I apply my personal learning and the validated method of "l'Incontournable de l'Autohypnose"; (cf. image on the right) to enable clients to rapidly become autonomous and aware of their inner processes.

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