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Workshops and Events

I regularly intervene in public sessions and workshops in order to familiarize the general public with hypnosis, its applications, and some quick techniques to promote the autonomous learning of the participants.

Company Workshops

I offer workshops on specific themes or on request, all centered on the mind-body connection. Workshop durations vary from 3 hours to 2 days, depending on demand and theme.

Some examples of these workshops:

  • Conscious Presence: this one-day (or longer) workshop covers all aspects of conscious presence through "being", conscious walking, conscious listening and finally conscious speaking. This group workshop combines several techniques, including body movements and the use of intentionality. It significantly improves empathy, listening skills and awareness of relationships with others.

  • Principles of Hypnotic Communication: hypnotic language or language of influence is constantly present in our daily lives. In this workshop, participants will learn basic linguistic and posture patterns to improve their rapport with others.
    This is particularly useful for speaking up, expressing opinions, and the ability to welcome and communicate with others.


  • Managing Emotions: human beings are constantly experiencing emotions, stress and even fears. The aim of this workshop is to teach simple techniques which, in three phases, enable us to identify, act upon and then use these emotions in a positive way. As a result, it becomes easier to welcome an emotion and adapt accordingly.

  • Team Event | What can your unconscious do? this more show-oriented format, aimed at teams looking for an event that allows them to learn more about our unconscious workings, in a fun and playful setting, but also about each individual's own specificities, makes it possible to collectively realize the power of imagination and visualization using hypnotic techniques.

I also customize workshops to suit the theme and culture of the company, which can also be adapted to a playful team event or corporate event format. 

Introduction to Hypnosis

The Introduction to Hypnosis workshops are an opportunity to approach the subject of hypnosis with a public format, putting into practice the techniques and levers of change linked to Ericksonian hypnosis.

With an audience that has experienced hypnosis or not, these introductions allow for discussion, questioning, and discovery of the uses of Ericksonian hypnosis, but above all, to share a lively moment, anecdotes and commented demonstrations.


Ask yourself how the change(s) first begin within you.

Réunion d'équipe
Self-hypnosis workshops

The goal of these introductory workshops is to practice hypnotic techniques and self-hypnosis to familiarize participants with new tools for emotional management and communication.

In the end, participants will acquire a greater internal mastery, and an ease in managing recurrent problems in business: stress management, conflict management, emotional management, public speaking, self-confidence, creativity, innovation. 

Trainings in Rapid Hypnosis and Street Hypnosis

The Rapid Hypnosis and Street Hypnosis trainings are designed for people who want to learn the most immediate and fun aspect of hypnotic phenomena. 

With 7 years of continuous practice in direct hypnosis, street hypnosis and performance hypnosis, I will address the most effective tools of the hypnotic language to achieve surprising results very quickly.

The ethical framework is primordial and is established at the beginning of the training, in order to allow the future hypnotists to propose extraordinary experiences, in the respect of others.



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