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How does counseling take place?

1 | Introduction

The relationship of trust between practitioner and client is essential for an optimal accompaniment and an understanding of the common framework of work. This is why I offer the first 15 minutes, which can be a telephone, zoom, or face-to-face consultation.

2 | Working sessions

Each accompaniment starts with cycles of 3 sessions of 1h to 1h30 depending on the objective chosen during our first phone call as well as the first appointment. More information during our first phone call and the first appointment.

The number of sessions after that first cycle may vary depending on the client's wishes or objectives.  

3 |  Re-evaluation and assessment

The purpose of the assessment, which takes place at the end of the determined sessions, is to gauge the evolution and the change observed.
Depending on the results observed and felt, or according to the client's wishes, an extension of the sessions can be done.
The purpose of this session is to ensure continuity after the passage, in the form of direct, indirect or autonomous support.

Sessions | How it takes place

Working Sessions | Key steps

1 | Determination of objectives

Goal setting helps to determine the strategy and modalities of work, the number of sessions and to identify the most appropriate approaches.

2 | Exploration and

Familiarization with hypnotic tools, altered states of consciousness, to create a commitment and an active approach. 

3 | Towards

The learning naturally acquired during the work sessions will be reinforced, to empower and sustain the changes.

Yesterday I was clever,
so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Sessions | Pricing

1 hour






Online 1 hour



For specific follow-up requests (athletes, students, job seekers), contact me directly for personalized pricing.


  • Package Sports

    Every month
    Accompagnement régulier | Regular Counseling
    • Séances individuelles
    • Individual Sessions
  • Package Therapy

    Every month
    Accompagnement régulier | Regular Counseling
    • En personne, Zoom et/ou WhatsApp
    • In person, Zoom and/or WhatsApp
  • Package Smoking

    Formule Addictions
    Valid for 3 months
    • Déconditionnement au tabac
    • Tobacco deconditioning
    • Autre/other addictions

Counseling Modalities

In order to facilitate the sessions, requests made less than 48 hours before the desired date are not guaranteed.

Any session canceled or reported less than 48 hours in advance is due.

Payment can be made in cash or via Twint. 

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